Sunday, January 11, 2015

Party At The World's End Second Edition

 "She went down beyond the mountains and disappeared between the crease of sky and land, like a great eyelid folding shut. No one knows what happened out in the Black Hills, but I imagine she lies buried in a rusty coffin under the stars. She had Marilyn's enchanting haze, Hendrix's cool, Morrison's smoldering insanity, but the grave was still surely bare. Not that it mattered. Her face was burned into all our minds, forever young, the mantra of every generation's counter-culture. And on nights when the desert crickets sing her tune, they say one day she will rise again. On that day, there is no telling the kind of vengeance she'll demand of us. Fair is fair.

They say, when she fell from Heaven she wore a crown of jagged stars that slit the skies throat. They say she loved them all, in the secret corners of their shallow sleep. Strangers, at the last. They say a lot of things. They’re all lies. Everything is already written."

Party At The World's End2nd Edition is Available NOW. 

(Print only, $11. eBook available but is 1st edition until next week.)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fallen Cycle Update

The 2nd edition is being updated on Amazon as we speak.

Nothing major, some readers caught typos, and there were some minor formatting edits. Dates were also added to the chapters to make it easier for the reader to follow the chronology.

Meanwhile, Peter and I are getting ready to dig into Tales From When I Had A Face.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Party At The World's End Interview with Compulsive Reader

Where are you from?
I grew up in the northeastern united States — Philly, New York. I think a lot of people feel disconnected from the larger cultures and tribes these days — nation, state, even religion. And a lot of subcultures form, as people try to find or create some kind of community. Usually with mixed success, but that’s really what I know from my personal experience so it’s what I wanted to write about — the culture of the outsider. Party at the World’s End is on that way a very American, counter culture myth.

What inspired you to write Party At The World’s End (Book 1 of the Fallen Cycle)?
Although I don’t consider it a true sequel, the style is too different, it still follows from my first novel Join My Cult! That was published by New Falcon, publisher of Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, various notables from the counterculture or psychedelic fringe.I learned a lot more about what I wanted to do, what I shouldn’t do, identified things I wanted to improve at as a writer, and so on from JMC!, and that’s really how this book started. But that was ten years ago. In the process I’ve serialized individual arcs as small press releases and through crowd sourcing. I wrote a screenplay version with co- writer J F Stackhouse which for optioned but ultimately never shot. I used that screenplay to inform one of the major rewrites of the previous edition. It’s been through a lot of editorial and rewrites to be sure.

Eventually I started to build up ideas –symbolic images, characters, story elements — that go beyond the scope of this first book, and that’s when I decided it was time to really consolidate all that serialized stuff — Fallen Nation, 404 Documents, Words of Traitors — get it in one volume. Then I could really dig into the next book with a clear conscience.

Do you have a specific writing style?
I think every book has different demands. You want to try to adapt everything, your process, what you read and watch, to that end. But that said, we’re more or less the same person and that can’t help but express itself. I think authors reveal a great deal of their subconscious–especially with fiction. So there’s an element of writing the same book over and again on a deep structure (in the sense Korzybski meant, I think), even if the surface is completely different. So much as style is a reflection of who we are, I’m sure I do have one. But it’s not conscious. Which is all the better — conscious style usually amounts to fashion.

Read full interview.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Rome Wasn't Burnt in a Day

Party At The World's End cover

"Grant Morrison's The Invisibles meets Fight Club, with ...a completely unique take on what makes myth tick," said Underground Reviews, and that's exactly what you get with this lean book, no choice but look the void right in the eye. As Nietzsche famously said, "When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you." He knew the storm is coming. The fabric of the self, the fabric of a society, of a culture, of a species, all may reach the point of rupture without recognition. Is that not even more true in the psyche that wishes to distract, to look elsewhere, to numb out the terrible truth, that we live in that void already. It is an absence, the myth of no myths, no meanings.

Which sounds fucking awful, doesn't it?

Who could have predicted it'd be a band on the road that set it all off, the mad Bacchae and their rock apocalypse?

So don't be sad. The party is going to be a blast, drinking and fucking to the edges of oblivion; riding off with Lilith and Ariadne, Dionysus, transexual Jesus and Artemis into that sunset, (because who wants to remain virginal at the end of the world?) They offer polyamory and LSD instead of jealousy and fear, spiritual transformation instead of a 9-5 grind. When they pull into your town and open the door, who in their right mind wouldn't hop aboard? The feds say "these kids have to be crazy to go with 'those people.'"

Machines shouldn't speak for men. You'd have to be crazy not to go.

The joy, the release, at the end of all things is absolute. It's the getting there that's Hell. We must find our way out together, or not at all.

Those who wander through life without knowing who they are: No more. Unlock the Fallen God within your sleeping self. All it takes is the right story. Contact the Order of the Hidden Path, begin your initiation now. There is no time to waste.

-Gabriel De Leon, 2012. OHO, OHP.

Take a mad ride past the event horizon of sanity with the band Babylon, in the final days of the American Empire. First in the psychedelic occult, myth and fairy-tale laced urban fantasy series, the Fallen Cycle.

Party At The World's End

Monday, September 15, 2014

In The Vein of Skinny Puppy and Coil's surrealistic Videos

This of course is an early cut of the experiment working with our track "Control Freak" from the 2010 album "Murder the World."

Using hypnosis and trance techniques on the first night I listened to the track on repeat, and wrote down all images and impressions that bubbled up as I hovered on the edge of the liminal door. Then the next day, began collecting source that seemed to match that inspiration as close as possible. That's where this is at. Now it's just a matter of fine details.

I'm hoping we can get a series of these, as well as some for new tracks, and bring a show to festival(s) in 2015... but it's too early to say. It'll only happen if there's an interest from the outside as well, so if you dig this stuff, share it. Tell people about it. And we'll keep making it, believe me.

Next up is "In The Flesh," and then possibly one more if the inspiration is still flowing.


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Friday, September 5, 2014

The Cat's Maw cover (in progress)

So I think we're closing in on the final 5% or so of this cover process for The Cat's Maw, and same with the internal layout...

(click for larger version)
It's not been without its challenges to be sure (the largest one being strictly technical, the software we're using for layout has been mucking things up every time the file is closed and re-opened, and similarly annoying "AM I TAKING CRazy Pills?!" adventures in technology) but I think the end result is going to be very striking.

What do you think?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Party At The World's End Poster Art (in progress)

Doing 3 posters for upcoming conventions. This'll (maybe) be the first, when it's done.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Cat's Maw (back cover design)

Spent a late night working on the back cover for Brooke Burgess' upcoming The Cat's Maw (featured on Wattpad.) I've been trying to get more work and practice the past couple years doing straight ink and paper but painting atop and blending photographs is still probably my "home". 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Party At The World's End available NOW

Paperback $13

eBook $4: Limited time offer: use the code PY44S on Smashwords to receive 50% off!

Take a mad ride past the event horizon of sanity with the band Babylon, in the final days of the American Empire. First in the must-read occult, myth and fairy-tale laced urban fantasy series, the Fallen Cycle.

  • “Beautiful!” David Mack, renowned sequential artist of Kabuki, Daredevil, Dexter.
  • “Brutal, darkly funny, and, above all, honest.” Powell’s Books 'Short List'.
  • “A progressive fictional universe created by a wickedly talented scribe... Philip K Dick might have company someday...” Brooke Burgess, the Creator of the flash animated graphic novel Broken Saints.
  • “A stick of dynamite strapped to reality.” Scenery Zine, on the musical accompaniment.
  • “The Invisibles meets Fight Club. A counterculture must read.” Underground Reviews.

This is an edited, single volume containing what was first serialized as 'Fallen Nation,' '404 Documents' and 'Words of Traitors,' as well as 20 black and white reproductions from the concept art sketchbook. 

[More Information on Party At The World's End]

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Party At The World's End: Palimpsest Art

The word "palimpsest" comes through Latin palimpsēstus from Ancient Greek παλίμψηστος (palímpsestos, “scratched or scraped again”) originally compounded from πάλιν (palin, “again”) and ψάω (psao, “I scrape”) literally meaning “scraped clean and used again”. Romans wrote on wax-coated tablets that could be smoothed and reused, and a passing use of the term "palimpsest" by Cicero seems to refer to this practice.
Pulled an all-nighter last night, mostly working on the final stages of the cover for Party At The World's End, as well as a few title images based off the palimpsest notebooks that will be included in black and white in the final edition.

This cover isn't completely done, but you can see the progress. I need to even out / balance some of the levels. (Click for full-size)

Party At The World's End is available for eBook pre-order as of July 2014,
and will be released on Amazon in September
I wanted to talk a minute about the process I've been using for these pieces though, because it's probably a bit unusual though it developed pretty naturally. Essentially the initial source is either from drawing off of references I find online (old fashion and art magazines often wind up providing much of the initial inspiration), source art from when this project actually began (back in 2004-5) or photographs I or friends once took. This material was then printed out and collaged in a 11x17 art notebook, and I did considerable watercolor, acrylic, and ink work directly atop it. Some scratching with xacto blades, adding objects with textures I like, that kind of thing. Then this was all scanned back in, and now I'm working on a final layer of digital painting atop that. This isn't the only approach I take but it's actually one of my favorites. I've long had a fascination with collages, and breaking all the rules of design in the process.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Party At The World's End - Cover Reveal and Free Chapter!

They say when she fell from Heaven she wore a crown of jagged stars that slit the skies throat. They say she loved them all, in the secret corners of their shallow sleep. Strangers, at the last. They say a lot of things. They’re all lies. Everything is already written.

Like it? Pre-order the eBook now for just $4!

Paperback coming September.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Words of Traitors added to Powell's Books "Short List"

"This is a brutal, darkly funny, and, above all, honest collection of short stories crafted especially for lovers of physical books. Illustration styles and even typeface are carefully matched to enrich the unique narrative experience of each tale. Words of Traitors is a work of art unlike anything you've read before."
Recommended by Brian S.,

Check it out
Note: Words of Traitors is a limited full color short story collection which includes several stories that have been since integrated (along with 404 Documents) into a single edition of Party At The World's End to be released autumn 2014.