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Gonzomentary: Clark

Gonzomentary: Clark Exodus Films presents “Clark,” a gonzomentary reality show art film surrounding the struggles of an independent artist in a capitalist world.

First run as a videocast on Alterati.com, season 1 was then released as a feature length movie, which somehow went on to win the LA Web Festival 2013's Best Lead Actor and to be nominated the 2013 Philadelphia Independent Film Festival's best documentary. The director is now traumatized by what happened during production and would like to not be contacted or associated with this project ever again.

The Gspot

Home-brewed, 100 proof podcast. In it you will find a delectable blend of original musics, audiobook and drama excerpts, interviews with artists and media theorists of the fringe, and hints of strawberry and motor oil. Sometimes, other members of the Alterati editorial team sit in as well. The GSpot started in 2005 as GPod Radio, with host Joseph Matheny, who took back over the show in 2009 until its conclusion in 2012.

Modern Mythology 

In this special Pilot episode of the new Modern Mythology podcasting series, Rusty Shackleford takes time to have a sit down chat with Howard Bloom. Many of you know Bloom from his books The Lucifer PrincipleThe Genius of the Beast and The Global Brain, in addition to his interviews and appearances on the Disinformation television series originally produced for the BBC.
 In this interview, Rusty discusses Howard's role in helping to build relationships between artists such as Prince and Joan Jett and their public, touching upon the role of the artist as a modern day myth maker and the heir apparent of the shaman. Bloom's scientific and biological perspectives are also examined in conversation, particularly in reference towards the cultural myths explored and exposed in his newest book The God Problem. Background music for this episode provided by members of Bradley The BuyerHoodooEngineMankind is Obsolete, and Veil of Thorns. The featured tracks are In The Flesh from HoodooEngine’s album “Murder The World” and Bradley The Buyer’s cover of Prince’s “When Dove’s Cry”
[LISTEN: direct link / soundcloud]

Virtual classroom one from SUNY Binghamton episode 1

In this class we discuss many topics raised in The Immanence of Myth:

Sacrifice and the sacred, love, marriage and the apocalypse
 Bataille's The absence of myth
 Science and mythology
 Cosmological models and myths of progress
 World War II as a model for enlightenment reason
 Suicide and creativity
 The senselessness of the body and the unconscious...

Virtual classroom one from SUNY Binghamton episode 2
In this class we discuss many topics raised in The Immanence of Myth:

Pornography and the theatre of cruelty
Abu Ghraib and the subconscious of the United States
School shootings and the psychology of vicariousness

Bedtime Stories With The Antichrist

Occulture and conspiracy madness abound. Episode one was a surprise hit, with 25,000 listens in the first month.


Produced by James Curcio, hosted by Ray Carney and/or Nate Sampsel. The following are two of the twenty or so interviews we ran in 2007-2008.
  • Estradasphere: Interview with Trey Spruance (also of Mr Bungle).
  • Saul Williams: Interview with Saul Williams about his collab with Trent Reznor.