This is my "art cap."
James Curcio is a bewildered madman with a sledgehammer made of words. He has been accidentally adopting new technologies for storytelling since before they were cool, whether blogs and podcasts or transmedia and Alternate Reality Games. (He does write on a pad with a pencil sometimes, just to see how the Ancients lived.)

This started with co-founding a media collective in 2001 and publishing his first novel "JOIN MY CULT!", a satire about 90s counterculture groups that no one seemed to recognize as satire.
It didn't take long for conservative Christian groups to notice a book listed beside Timothy Leary and Aleister Crowley. Thanks to their warnings, soon groups of occultists were translating it for local readings. Anyone was given permission to appear for these as "James Curcio", though it's hard to know how many readings were actually given.

Several books and thousands of blog articles later, he's still keeping it irreverent, but has since developed a keener appreciation for fact. His present book-in-progress is Tales From When I Had A Face,  a 4 part graphic novel that as a whole will comprise book 2 of the Fallen Cycle.

He lives with a semi-fictional harem of feral lesbians and cats somewhere in the mountains, sustained exclusively on mochas, lion milk, and raw honey. He doesn't normally speak of himself in third person, he swears.