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Content Strategy . Management . Production

Actually reaching your market isn't just about advertising briefs or demographic analysis. It's about the idea that you haven't thought of, and the myth that sells it. It's about content.

Now more than ever, it is critical that your media and marketing be lightweight and effective, yet without compromising quality or creativity. You may be trying to do this in-house to cut expenses, and finding that your message isn't getting noticed. Maybe it's because you're not being patient enough, but more likely, it's because you're too close to your own products and services. You don't know how to build the myth of your brand.

Think of me as the facilitator in the process of creating that myth for your customers. Imagine the possibilities: together, we can create a more gripping image and message for you, online or in print. Package or promotional design? Professional post-production for your podcast or album? Promotional media for your independent film? Content strategy and consulting for your media startup? An extended online viral marketing campaign? We can incorporate any and all of these elements into a transmedia narrative that, in conjunction with your traditional marketing, helps to create a living legend.

I've been building and managing teams that've been doing this for over a decade, producing content ahead of the curve.

Contact me with your goals and an estimated operating budget, and we can get started!

Services Examples

Promotional design & development:  
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Brochures
  • Web banners
  • Motion web advertisements*
  • Video trailers or promos*
  • Copy writing for web or print
  • Static websites designed to help sell you or your products. 
  • Dynamic websites*
  • Digital marketing: SEO, SMM, SEM servies*
Production design & development: 
  • Audio post-production 
  • Book or eBook layout
  • Package design
  • Creative & Content management for website, game or publication projects. 

  • Editorial
  • Creative nonfiction and journalism 
  • Essay
  • Fiction 

I also can provide consultation in an overall strategy involving any mixture of the above.

* I will manage sub-contractors as needed  

Contact me at jamescurcio gmail to find out more.