This is my "art cap," and a typewriter I've never used.
James Curcio is a bewildered madman with a sledgehammer made of words. That's a bit long to put on a business card, so usually it's said "editor" or "creative director" or "cat-wrangler."

This checkered career began around 2001 when he graduated Bard college with the world’s most lucrative degree (Philosophy), and co-founded a media collective. That did surprisingly well until it didn't, so he moved on to LA to play in a band, and have “JOIN MY CULT!” published. This was a Burroughs-esque satire about 90s counterculture groups that no one seemed to recognize as satire.

Several books and startups later, he's still keeping it irreverent, but has since developed a keener appreciation for fact. He lives with a harem of feral lesbians and lions somewhere in the mountains, probably.

His present book-in-progress is Tales From When I Had A Face, a 4 part graphic novel that as a whole will comprise book 2 of the Fallen Cycle. (Book 1, Party At The World's End, was released in 2014.) He is the Editor-in-chief of Rebel News.