Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Modern Mythology Virtual Classroom #1

[From Modernmythology.net]

In this class we discuss many topics raised in The Immanence of Myth:
Sacrifice and the sacred, love, marriage and the apocalypse Bataille's The absence of myth Science and mythology Cosmological models and myths of progress World War II as a model for enlightenment reason Suicide and creativity The senselessness of the body and the unconscious...
This is just the first in a series of classroom recordings from SUNY Binghamton in conjunction with this digital humanities project. Class with Rowan Tepper and James Curcio. Background recording be William Clark, with some performances by Adrina Marie, William Clark and James Curcio.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Gonzmentary free movie

The free movie length version of "the world's first Gonzomentary" has been released! (Rough cut).
“Gonzomentary” is an ongoing web series project which began as a gonzomentary “reality” show surrounding the struggles of an independent artist who influences change in the art underground with his phallic art.
Get out the popcorn and crack pipes, and share it round.
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nyssa Episode 1 Concept Art Update

Got new concept art in from Alexey Andreev of the Krampus. I think it's terrific: 

Check out the unillustrated version of issue 1 here. ($.99)

Bedlam Stories Concept Art Update

Some more concept art from Bedlam Stories development. Words are building up in my scrawling handwriting in the handbound notebooks Jaz made for me, can't wait until the app takes shape. In the meantime, "like" the Facebook group and come along...