Sunday, July 1, 2012

Crowdfunding 2012

"We need to raise seed $ ourselves bc functional production companies no longer give a fuck about good creative work. welcome 2012" 

In other words, and I know I'll need to pimp this every day for most the rest the summer...but i'm saying...that I need to leverage about $5 for every twitter and Facebook friend, and I can produce a great graphic novel length series with additional plot arcs in 3d and maybe live action, and a hardbound book of raw short stories.

But it doesn't come from thin air, we need to crowd source this ONCE, and do it right enough that we market it well enough to make a phenomenon. Sell 10,000+ units, agents get interested, and I've got a shot at my real dream.

But this is also terrifying because it is incredibly, impossibly hard at every stage to pull this off and there is no margin of error for me. There is no Plan B.

This is the only life I want. All others follow after I succeed at this. I can't fail anymore.

And if people say don't be so honest to others, well fuck them.

I am passionate about this work in a way that I can only show by the way I create it and I need you all to help me make that happen, even just by contributing what you can when the fundraisers start. I can promise to put everything I have into this, and into the work we produce through it, I can assure you that it is something that will meet you halfway and, if you're in the target market for it, it'll change you forever. But it only gets made if it gets funded. Don't make the funding goals? Everyone goes home.

I can't fail. Not because it isn't possible but because there is no other story or universe where I continue on the Right path, a whole person, afterward.

That's the genuine truth. I hope you come along for the ride. Announcements will be on so please subscribe there if you want alerts as these things develop.

Plus, we will be developing a lot of unique perks for each contributor by hand. And everyone likes those, right?

-Jamie Curcio


  1. Well, I'm in. $5 is such a tiny amount to help someone live their dream. I am setting this money aside.

  2. Thanks!

    Of course there will be multiple tiers $5 is just an exampke. July 19 words of Traitors begins.