Thursday, February 9, 2012

How Does This Google Thing Work?

Someone on Facebook publicly asked the following question,
"How does this google thing work? I understand that the most relevant link will pop up under a specific search, but if everyone suddenly googled "kangaroo" and clicked the fourth link whether or not it was relevant, would that link be bumped to the top or are most things just set there sensibly?"
Though my answer is in no way final, I thought it may be of use to more of you than just the person asking that question. Here it is:

"It's far more complex than that. Especially since the last major rollout (Panda), which incorporated weighted mechanisms derived from social media activity into their page ranking system. Let me try to give a sense of a fraction of what's going on 'under the hood.' In their proprietary system Google incorporates many things including other weighting from the duration of a viewers stay and even what their behavior is after leaving the page, if they return, how many links they visit within the site, and an analysis of that in relation to linguistic content (the actual organic search itself.)

And that's just what you can get from professionals in related industries, reading articles, and playing SEO cowboy. Google remains tight lipped for the greater part beyond what you can easy find - arcane mathematical formula and the like - so you have to pretty much reverse engineer based on results, and can have those results shifted on you overnight. Which is a real bitch when you're doing Black SEO ops. (Funny story there, that I can't tell.)"
So, there we are. One more person outside the black box tossing conjecture into the blogosphere. I hope you are entertained by this pseudo-information.

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  1. That panda release obviously made it difficult for most organic seo consultants not only because it streamlined a lot of techniques in link-building but also because it penalized seo companies who did not adhere to it.