Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nyssa, Part 1: Love Notes To A Stranger

Issue 1: Love Notes To A Stranger

Issue 1: Full Color, Ilustration
Paperback, oversize, full color
$9.99 (28 pgs)

Author: James Curcio
Primary Illustrator: Alexey Andreev.
For additional credits see book

"Beautiful!" -David Mack (Kabuki, Daredevil.) 

A dark, modern fairy tale. Issue 1 provides a view of Nyssa through the eyes of a lonely video store clerk, and hints at what is to come. (Note: Issue 1 is also included as one of the stories within Words of Traitors: 7 Lives In Transition.)

Photo: James Curcio, Rachel Reynolds.

Issue 1: Journal verion, unillustrated

eBook (text only)
$2.99 // Pick it up for $.99 on smashwords!

I am beginning work on putting together this piece as an illustrated story, but have released the text online eBook for those that want this (cheaper) version.  It'll be showing up in Amazon's store in a week or two. It's live on Amazon's Kindle store as well.

Update Dec 2012: the illustrated version is complete and will be live on Amazon soon. Look for it.

It exists in all its full colored glory along with 6 other similarly dark mythical stories about heartbreak and death and love and ill-conceived sex: Words of Traitors. 

That is LIVE and ready for your consumption right now. I seriously suggest you pick it up

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