Thursday, August 25, 2011

Party At The World's End Press

For Immediate Release: Philadelphia, 24th of August 2011

Mythos Media is proud to announce the publication of ‘Fallen Nation: Party At The World’s End,’ a novel by James Curcio, co-written by Jason Stackhouse. This is an extremely topical, dystopian urban fantasy dealing with political themes, “flash-mobs,” and youth revolution.

It is available in print, Kindle and other eBook formats now.
ISBN-10: 0615512771
ISBN-13: 978-0615512778
Kindle ASIN: B005GHN4KK

About ‘Fallen Nation: Party At The World’s End’:

Fallen Nation: Party At The World’s End is a mad ride past the event horizon of sanity with a group of young, escaped mental patients that come to realize – or believe – that they are demigods. They form Babylon, a band that captures the spirit of the age as sex, drugs, and chaos reign in the final years of the American Empire. It questions many of our cultural assumptions, makes us re-examine them, and hints at where they might lead.

About the authors:

James Curcio ( creates dystopian propoganda for a generation of “hedonists, intellectuals, and drug addicts.” Previous brain-washing agents have taken the form of subversive novels, essays, scripts for comics and films, albums, soundtracks, podcasts, and media for avant-garde performances.

His anthology The Immanence of Myth (published by Weaponized), is being taught as part of the curriculum of “The Apocalyptic Imaginary,” a 200 level comp lit course at at Binghamton college Fall semester 2011.
He teamed up with long-time friend and collaborator Jason Stackhouse in writing the screenplay “Fallen Nation: Babylon Burning,” which James later adapted to novel format.

Press From Previous Projects:

"A progressive fictional universe created by a wickedly talented scribe... Philip K Dick might have company someday..." Brooke Burgess, the Creator of award-winning flash animated graphic novel Broken Saints.

"...a stick of dynamite, strapped to reality!" Scenery magazine

"Your invitation to the party that might just bring the house down." Grant Morrison, author The Invisibles and The Filth.

More interviews and press:

About Mythos Media:

In 2006, P. Emerson Williams, Michael Szul, Tovarich Pizor and James joined forces to create Mythos Media, a platform for the production of modern myths that might slip through the cracks or be dismissed by mass-media publishers and outlets. Many years of hard work followed, where they produced and released books, comics, illustrated books, audio books with dedicated original soundtracks, albums, and collaborated a great deal with many other creative groups and production companies.

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